Well, nearly empty. I've always focused on making desktops as spacious as possible for the stuff I use. Screen space is a real issue on screens with smaller resolutions (like my 1366 x 768 laptop).

So I've been working on this the past few days and I've been happy with the result.

1. The green bar on the right is my power meter. The windows 8 battery icon is ugly and also not centered (what's that about?). I made the bar by modifying a rainmeter skin for a battery bar. It's only 1px wide! (Source: Lines)

2. The bottom-most icon on my taskbar is a mini recycle bin. Numerous changes have been made to the taskbar with 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.


3. My music player on the bottom right is Winamp and it is a skin that I made for myself. I just need to see the name of the song and a seekbar would also be useful. The rest of it I control with the keyboard. Pixel fonts without antialiasing make it possible to see both the fonts in Winamp and the clock from a distance without problems.

4. Reduce eye strain at night with f.lux

5. The metro interface is great, but not for apps, I use it to launch my software. Just press the 'Win' key and I see all my software. No need to clutter my taskbar or have a dock.


6. Finally, I used the excellent Exon theme for Windows 8 and this wallpaper. Token light for the tray icons.

7. Win + C for clock (Windows 8+ only)